5 places you have to visit in Apokoronas

5 places you have to visit in Apokoronas

Apokornas is one of the most visited areas in Chania. Every year thousands of tourists visit and they are enjoy the best traditional Cretan food with the best terrain.

1.Kournas Lake

Kournas lake is so beautiful and relaxing that makes it a place you have to go. You take a sea bicycle to go around the lake and after that the best traditional taverns wait for you to enjoy Cretan food and the best wine. As every place on earth has their legends, Kournas lake couldn’t miss also. Is knowing as the haunted lake of crete. The most famous legend has a father feeling romantically attracted to his daughter and her running for her life. Then, according to popular tradition, the young girl said “Voula and Voulilimna and I am an element in the lake” and immediately the earth sank. Then it is said that the girl became a fairy. The legend states that from time to time the locals see the girl sitting on a rock in the middle of the lake. visit

2.Holy Monastery of Agios Georgios

Close to Vamos is the unique monastery of Apokoronas, Agios Georgios in Karydi, built in an idyllic landscape, with an amazing green sea of ​​olive trees and the imposing White Mountains. It was a great olive-producing center from the 17th-20th centuries and today it is a monument of the olive culture. 12 stone-built arches and the huge millstones. The Orthodox Church dates from 1870 and is excellently preserved. It has a very beautiful wood-carved iconostasis. The small museum is also interesting. Nearby, an old Venetian villa has been excellently restored.

3.Historical Folklore Museum of Gavalochori

The traditional village of Gavalochori is located near Chania, next to Vamos. There you will see the valuable historical and folklore museum that was created with care, in a representative restored house. Representation of the traditional house and exhibits of pottery, painting, sericulture, stone processing. Also ecclesiastical, medals and weapons of fighters, coins, clothes. The village is famous for the creations of kopaneli, a special, delicate type of handmade lace that you will not find anywhere else in Greece.

4.Samonas cave

The Samona Cave is located a few meters from the last houses of the village of Samonas, Apokoronou district. It was discovered in 1994, during the opening of a road, and despite its small size it is a real jewel for the whole of Crete. The cave has very rich cave decoration and a small lake in its depth. Access to the main hall requires a descent of approximately 17m and for this reason a staircase has been installed.

5.Gavaliana Wells

A place of particular interest in Gavalochori, Apokoronou district, is the 24 Venetian Wells. They are located about 1 km outside the village, just before the village cemetery. These wells played an important role in the society of Gavalochori both during the period of the Venetian occupation and later.